Landlord Fundamentals 101

Do you want to own and self-manage a residential rental property but you’re not sure where to start?

Have you been managing your residential rental property but are not happy with your results?

Do you feel uneasy that there are gaps in your landlording knowledge that could cost you time and money?

Landlord Fundamentals 101 will teach you a solid landlording foundation with techniques and processes that will either get you started out on the right foot, or help you course correct.

Rental properties can either be a massive headache or smooth sailing. The direction and profitability your investment takes depends on you, your knowledge, and your expertise. Learning the foundation of landlording up front can help you bypass being stuck with a property that needs constant attention and cash or dealing with endless tenant issues that leave you struggling to keep your head above water emotionally and financially.

At 6 hours; this online course is one of the most comprehensive, efficient, landlording courses available online. Even if you have zero landlording experience, this course will take you from clueless to knowledgeable in 8 modules. Here’s why:

  • Landlord Fundamentals 101 is created and taught by Nelda Schulte, 18-year property investor, former owner of an Alberta based property management business, and former curriculum writer for the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)
  • Landlord Fundamentals 101 uses tried and true processes and systems that have been used with great success over 18 years
  • Landlord Fundamentals 101 is updated to current 2021 standards
  • Landlord Fundamentals was developed over a period of three years with residential real estate landlord testing and feedback
  • You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and countless gray hairs learning a comprehensive foundation of landlording knowledge that help you bypass some of the expensive landmines of landlording
  • You can replay the lessons as many times as you need to learn the information or refresh your knowledge
  • You can learn at your own pace and in your own time to absorb and apply the information

Have you ever wanted to learn:

  • How to identify your landlording goals so that you’re not buying a bad property?
  • How to calculate cash flow to bypass buying a property that drains your bank account?
  • How to attract and screen quality tenants so that you only accept the best tenants?
  • How to identify the required legal forms to rent your property so that all official information is accurately documented?
  • How to apply the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) basics to your rental business so you are not broadsided by professional tenants who can take advantage of you and leave your  property and finances in ruins?
  • How to apply the acts and rules that affect your rental property to your landlording practice so that you’re always staying on the right side of the law?
  • How to budget for capital and operational property maintenance expenses?

Whether you’re a new landlord, or a seasoned landlord,  Landlord Fundamentals 101 will put you on solid ground to build your real estate rental investment landlording foundation.

You’ll walk through a logical step-by-step sequence to help you succeed as a landlord.

Additionally, Landlord Fundamentals 101 includes real world examples and scenarios to test and expand your knowledge.

Who is this course for:

  • Beginner residential property investors/landlords who want to learn landlording fundamentals to self-manage
  • Experienced landlords who self-manage who want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge
  • Seasoned landlords who self-manage and want to pick up some new landlording tips
  • Property investors/landlords who want to take ONE program to learn the basics of landlording
  • Property investors/landlords who want a training program that fits into their schedule
  • Property investors/landlords who like to learn in their own time and at their own pace

What you’ll need:

A computer or phone with audio and internet capabilities

What’s in this course?

8 modules, 10 sessions, 6 hours 13 minutes total length

Module 1: Do you want to be a landlord?  40:45

  • The landlord profitability meter
  • What type of landlord do you want to be?
  • What type of tenant do you want to manage?
  • How much/little do you want to manage your investment/s?
  • What kind of property/properties fit into your investment goals?
  • Profiles – which one or ones are most similar to you?

Module 2: How to calculate if your property will cashflow  44:29

  • How to calculate gross monthly income
  • How to calculate effective gross income
  • Capital and operating expenses, what can you claim?

Module 3: How to attract quality tenants  59:43

  • Advertising to attract quality tenants
  • Pre-screening tenants
  • The vetting procedure

Module 4: Required legal forms to rent your property 50:38

  • Residential tenancy agreements/leases
  • Move-in and move-out inspection reports
  • Addendums
  • Bonus – Rent Talk

Module 5: RTA the basics  53.08

  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Types of tenancies
  • Inspections and entry
  • Assign or sublet
  • Rent: late payment fees & rent increases
  • What to do if your tenant pays late or doesn’t pay?

Module 6 Part 1: Common tenant issues 15:11

  • Disruptive tenants
  • Unregistered tenants
  • Overholding tenants

Module 6 Part 2: Common tenant issues  12:41

  • Illegal activity
  • Significant damage, threats, assault
  • Death of a tenant
  • Termination for victims of domestic violence
  • Abandonment of property

Module 7 Part 1: Acts that apply to your rental property 26:40

  • Alberta Human Rights
  • Minimum Housing and Health Standards

Module 7 Part 2: Acts that apply to your rental property 34:11

  • PIPA
  • Public Health Act
  • Condominium Property Act

Module 8: Additional landlording information 35:55

  • Life expectancy of home components
  • Cannabis and smoking
  • Scenario practice – test your knowledge

By the end of Landlord Fundamentals 101 you will feel confident in your ability to; identify your landlording goals, calculate cash flow, attract quality tenants, identify the required legal forms to rent your property, apply the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) basics, and apply the acts and rules that affect your rental property to your landlording practice.

Who is this course not for?

If you know everything listed in this course, and are getting the results you want, this course isn’t for you.

This course is for you if you are a property investor who wants to self-manage your own properties legally with knowledge and confidence.  

If you answered  YES!  I want to build my landlording foundation, fill in the gaps in my knowledge, AND  get the results I want from my rental property, and feel confident NOW  – then what are you waiting for?!

For only $498.95 you can have lifetime access to Landlord Fundamentals 101 that give you the structure of your rental property business.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your rental business ?

Are you ready to get out of the vicious cycle of reacting to crisis after crisis and instead, put yourself in the driver’s seat?

Are you ready to learn what you need to know to keep your rental business profitable?

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The information contained within this course, or any course given in relation thereto, is sold, or otherwise provided, on the understanding that Nelda Schulte of and their employees are not responsible for any results or results of any actions taken in reliance of any information contained in this course or conveyed by way of said seminars, nor for any errors contained therein or presented thereat or omissions in relation thereto. If legal accounting, tax, investment, financial planning, or other professional advice or assistance is required; the services of a competent professional person should be sought.

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